gym sports bag deodorizer

Treat the Gear - Protect The Athlete®

Scenturion® is a clear, flexible, micro-coating fortified with pure nanosilver formulated to inhibit the growth of 99.9 % of the microorganisms which cause scent, odor, and stains in hunting footwear, clothing, and hunting gear.

About 90% of hunting clothing, footwear, and gear odor are caused by bacteria delivered by our sweat.  The remaining odor is caused by smelly fatty acids, urea, ammonia, and steroids which are also in our sweat.  Scenturion® is formulated to attach to the volatile molecules of these substances making them heavy and permanently undetectable!  Scenturion® will also capture odor from cigarette smoke, urine, cooking odors, and most other residual odors!

Because it eliminates all the causes of odor, Scenturion® is formulated without any added fragrance.  Fragrances mask odors, do not eliminate the cause of the odor, and most importantly - can prevent you from detecting the slightest return of odor.  That's the sign that bacteria are trying to return and it's time to spay your item again!

Often, when sprays achieve the high degree of effectiveness of Scenturion®, they use ingredients that are either toxic, caustic, carcinogenic, flammable, or known allergens.  Not Scenturion®.  Scenturion® is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly and is designed to treat washable and non-washable items. You can treat a toddler’s shoes with Scenturion® – it’s safe for all ages!

Apply Scenturion® until the item has absolutely no odor.  Just like wet paint - allow it to dry before wearing.  For example, if you wear boots before they are dry, the socks will lift the treatment off the shoes.  So let the treated item dry BEFORE wearing it. Otherwise, you may remove some of the treatment by contact.  When it is first applied, the odor will go away almost instantly.  Sometimes, a second application is required for items that have been well worn.

The key to Scenturion® ’s effectiveness is its particle size and concentration.  The silver particle size is so small that you can line up 1,000 particles across the diameter of a single human hair!  These nanoparticles attach to the individual fibers of the fabric or surface of the leather that lines the item.

Scenturion® is reactivated every time you wear or use your gear.  If Scenturion® is exposed to sweat, rain, morning dew, or any other wetting agent it produces silver ions that kill all of the microbes on the gear! This is the fundamental difference between Scenturion® and other sprays.

Once an item is properly treated with Scenturion®, its effectiveness should last for weeks – even months.  Simply retreat the item when the slightest bit of odor returns.

SAFETY PROFILE: No Toxic Ingredients, No Fragrance, No Flammable Ingredients, No Caustic or Carcinogenic Ingredients, No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), No Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), No Potentially Irritating Ingredients (Hypoallergenic), Safe for the Environment and Recyclable.

The More You Sweat, The More It Works®